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Thanks for visiting our website. We’re the leading manufacturer of plasma surgical system and electrode blades for human body soft tissue surgeries.

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Our surgical products are used in medical departments of E.N.T, orthopedics, urology, pneumology, digestology, etc.

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GAOTON makes the commitment to improve products and create good value for customers. We have obtained the Certificate for Exportation of Medical Products, CE Certification, Class II Medical Products Registration of State Food and Drug Administration etc.

Keeping “Quality First and Customer Supreme” principle, we will offer the best plasma surgery equipment to customers worldwide.

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Plasma Surgery SystemMain Features and Advantages

Low Temperature Treatment

It applies low temperature plasma technology 40-70°C, to minimize the thermal injury to surrounding tissue.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Small surgical probe goes to the diseased area inside human body to make precise and efficient treatment.

Multi Medical Applications

Applicable for E.N.T, orthopedics, urology, pneumology, digestology surgeries, etc.

Integrated Surgical Features

Cutting, stripping, puncture, vaporization, hemostasis, ablation, shrinkage and repair of soft tissues.

High Cure Rate

With cure rate over 90%, it offers an advanced and more efficient therapy for surgeon and patients.

Short Recovery Period

The plasma surgery system shortens the postoperative hospital stay and recovery period of patients.