Plasma – The 4th State of Matter

Plasma is the fourth state of material existence (solid, liquid, gas), which is a macroscopic system of unbound state composed of a large number of charged particles.

Lightning, neon, daylight, plasma TV and so on are plasma phenomena or techology in people’s daily experience.
The modern physics of “plasma” was founded in the 1950s. The low-temperature plasma, cold plasma and hot plasma technology have been widely used in many fields such as medicine, electronics, industry, military and daily life.

How the low temperature plasmas is generated?

Under the action of high temperature or strong electric field, the original neutral atom will be ionized, producing a pair of positive negative ions that can move freely, because positive ions always appear in pairs, so the number of cations and anions is equal, this material state is called plasma.
Since the substance is ionized, the electrostatic binding between the positive and negative ions has been broken, so the positive and negative ions are also called particles with free movement. Its specific state of motion is entirely determined by the outside electromagnetic field. This is the important difference between Plasma and the common solid, liquid and gas.