Grand Holding of Gaoton Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony 2018

Gaoton annual meeting and award ceremony 2018 was held in Xi’an on January 20th ,2019. The work objectives and key works in 2019 were identified to build consensus and point out the direction in new year.
Yang Xi lian,board chairman of Gaoton,appreciated all the employees for their hardwork in the past year,and he is satisfied with the development in first year of our five year company plan,he hopes everyone will challenge new height and make bigger achievement,and implement production and sales plan in 2019 to lay a solid foundation for smooth implementation of company five year plan.

Mr Yang Xi lian giving speech

Wang Ming li,general manager of Gaoton,congratulated a happy new year for all employees.She said Gaoton developed fastly and made remarkable achievement in the past year,and she hopes everyone will catch up and go ahead to keep our company develop with high quality under the “one belt,one road”policy.

Ms.Wang Ming li giving speech

Excellent individuals were awarded in the meeting for their contribution in the last year .
In the following time,Splendid shows were performed by our versatile employees.Meanwhile,with the lucky draw of happiness prizes,second prizes and first prizes unveiled,the annual meeting reached the climax.

1月 25, 2019